Using a console or a smartphone?

You must select the console. This is my opinion, now the ground.

It all started at the dawn of iOS

Close acquaintance with portable consoles began with PSP seven years ago, and it was a relaxed time. Then, with great pleasure was the number of classic games with PSX (PlayStation 1), flying past in the past (Heart of Darkness, for example), and played in a variety of exclusives, including both of the mobile part of the God of War.

In those days, the main advantage was the quality of games. Smartphones and tablets could not fight on equal terms with the 4-year-old console, whose filling goes even into the deeper past, in 2000-the year (built by the PlayStation 2 processor).

Although there were questions to the hardware controls, in particular, to the analog “shortage” on the left — the quality of its work still left much to be desired. On the other hand, for 3D-shooters it is more convenient than the traditional cross. When in 2011, the announcement of PS Vita with full analog sticks, two touch panels (on display and behind), a chic 5-inch AMOLED-matrix (RGB) and a mighty filling, superior to that even the best mobile devices of the time (iPad 3gen), the delight had no limits.

First impressions confirmed my expectations-the console is beautiful. But I bought it myself only a year and a half later, indulged in a month and put it on the shelf.

Family, children, a lot of work, new gadgets — all this took almost 100% of personal time and so expected in the past PS Vita I returned a couple of times a month to drive in the Sine Mora, Mortal Kombat, Super Stardust Delta (modern and very cool analogue Asteroids) and Dragon’s Crown. But after a year and a half after buying the console, I still managed to sit tight on it. The reason turned out to be brutal toy Hotline Miami. Well, that sucked she had me simple.

It was followed by Hotline Miami 2 and when bothered to destroy in the meat of the pixelated bandits, decided to try a long — time exclusive for PS Vita-Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Launched and … gone for a couple of hours. Just failed at the game, what a long time with me was not even on the PC. It was here that I felt particularly vividly that even the latest smartphones and tablets with a high filling, comparable in performance even with modern computers, still do not reach the console.

Why PS Vita tears in iPhone 6s games

Physical controls almost always beat the sensor

Hotline Miami is a simple graph game, made pixels per unit in a deliberately retro style. This will work without any problems on the iPad 2, only to play it with pleasure is possible only with the use of physical buttons. Hand-to-hand fight in the game is built almost on intuition-who first managed to break, and the winner. Or who has a long stick?

It is difficult to convey in words, it is necessary to try most, but those who have played Hotline Miami, you’ll understand me. Literally fused with the joystick and as if you’re in the skin of the main character — the buttons are often pressed sharply and strongly (scary for the display, if it would have to touch), the tone controls the reflexes. Analog sticks in PS Vita for this very convenient, but on the sensor is immersed in the game is just unrealistic. That’s probably why no part of Hotline Miami has gotten to iOS or Android.

In Uncharted, in General, all the features of the portable console controls are used, and this is all abundance, as well as a harmonious combination of sensor and hardware buttons breaks the roof in a good sense. The central control of the character is the sticks and buttons, using the touchscreen, you can specify the path where Drake climb to press the button once again. It is also used to solve all sorts of puzzles, cleaning artifacts from dirt, search for clues.

The rear touchpad is used to rotate the objects and examine them. There was work for the gyroscope when it is necessary to keep the balance on all sorts of thin logs and beams. Again, during hand-to-hand combat and interactive scenes, touch screen and gestures are actively used. All in all, it is very much immersed in the game and demonstrates the poverty of a purely sensory approach to control in mobile

Exception-this strategy games in the genre of Tower Defence, Hidden Objects, quest, some logic games (like Pictorial or Shadowmatic) — they are perfectly adapted for touch control and here with new portable consoles parity. Reviews on them you can read on this site.

Quality of game

Yes, today there are a lot of beautiful toys for iOS and Android, but the vast majority of them and not lying around on the quality of graphics and work with large developments for PS Vita. Even before those as mentioned above Uncharted: Golden Abyss, released in December 2011.

Yes, that here Uncharted, look at God of War: Chains of Olympus (2008) or God of War: Ghost of Sparta (2010) on the old PSP (console release took place in 2004). However, the video does not convey a third of the impressions of the dynamics of the sensations of the real game. However, believe the word, so far nothing like this on mobile platforms there, except that surrogates like Godfire, but they are not lying around with the mentioned games.

And if you take something newer, like Killzone: Mercenary 2-year-old-that this level of graphics and gameplay we will not see on smartphones and tablets for a couple of years. Sometimes it seems that they are playing on the PS 3, and even the video below doesn’t do it the steepness of the toy:

But her mighty review of Anton Logvinov, 100% shares my point of view raised in this review:

Where, where are you incredible games of this level on iOS and Android?

Here the readers may have a hard question, they say, for mobile platforms toys are a buck, three, five, rarely $10, and on the same PS Vita will have to pay a lot. You are partly right, but only slightly.

In fact, to collect a set of exciting games on PS Vita, which will play in the next year so accurately, the strength spent $70-80, and maybe less. Of these, $30 went to pay for the annual subscription PS Plus, which is offered monthly for several games for free, and you can play them as long as this subscription (which is easily renewed).

By the way, this subscription received Killzone: Mercenary, previously it was distributed Uncharted, but I was late, so I bought the game very cheaply for sale. Yes, the transaction in the PlayStation Store the sea, and in the end, even dangerous toys can often be purchased for $5-10. So it’s not so expensive compared to iOS and Android, as it seems.

Why smartphones will continue to “steer and pedal”, despite the steepness of portable consoles

Two words — universality and causality. I tried to watch the video on PS Vita-everything is sad because of the need to recode the files, and then throw them into the console through a completely curved Sony software. Surfing the web is terrible, reading a book is a problem. Only games and nothing more-a highly specialized device and that’s all said. But the games are great, Yes.

But, as it is sad to admit, most people have enough casual games on modern mobile platforms, and yet they can comfortably do a lot of other things on them, from reading books and ending with communication in social networks. You can still remember about all sorts of multiplayer games, such “monsters”, tightening his head, as Hearthstone, about moving to mobile platforms classic (“Heroes 3” steer, even would Fallout 1&2 and Diablo wait).

The same PS Vita is for so-called hardcore gamers who are ready to dive into every game session for an hour or more, with pleasure watching the plot, digging out all the secrets and buying toys for $30-50 at the time of their release. Yes, there are a lot of chic and inexpensive casual or shooters, often on the head of superior analogs on mobile platforms, but there is another problem — not everyone wants to carry another device. A smartphone, it is always with you.

Too bad it’s the sunset of portable gaming consoles

I am stuck somewhere in the middle between hardcore players and simple townsfolk, so I understand both the pros and cons of specialized devices. In the past, I played a lot and with great pleasure, gathering an impressive collection of toys for PC.

But in the last 5-7 years in this hobby time is not as much as I would like and often, after irregular and challenging working hours do not want to strain your brain and delve into some regular big game, but spend 10-20 minutes a day is easy. In the big game, of course, continue to play, but usually, it happens on the weekend. Still, there is an opportunity to play correctly during trips on trains or buses, but their PC with you will not take away, but PS Vita becomes, in this case, a good help.

It is a pity that the time of portable gaming consoles is going away and, most likely, the mentioned creation of Sony is the last device of this kind. This was confirmed by the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuuhei Yoshida during communication with the press on EGX 2015 at the end of September. But what would be an incredible gaming gadget with what mighty toys could happen, let Sony shortly successor to PS Vita! But this is a pipe dream.

The only hope is that the game controllers for mobile devices will become the mainstream and the developers will actively adapt their games to them. Even better, if this kind of invention released giants such as Apple or Google (as a standard for the Android platform).

In the meantime, we can only dream about the unrealizable, hope for the revival of cool mobile gaming and slowly play in an impressive collection of games for PS Vita, which still come out exciting things and will come out for the next couple of three years. And there, you look, there will be a worthy alternative.

Your opinion?

If any of the readers are hardcore gamers, who prefer casual games to the PS Vita and old classics on mobile platforms? What do you think about the sunset era of portable gaming consoles? Sorrow or need, and in the future will be a worthy replacement? Tell us about it in comments, we will discuss.

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