Tekken 6 Review

Throughout the history, we have seen many great fighting games. At first, there was Street Fighter, Mortal Combat that has invented the fighting game genre. A few years later different kinds of fighting games showed up that were focused more on the combat moves and martial arts. The first game of that kind was Virtua Fighter from Sega. Soon after the Virtua Fighter, another fighting game came from Namco and that game was Tekken. First Tekken game was released in 1994 for the arcade but we got the console version of it in 1995 for the Sony PlayStation. Just like Virtua Fighter, Tekken was the earliest 3D fighting game and unlike other fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat for example, Tekken didn’t use the strong and weak attack mechanics, instead, Tekken used innovative combat system that required some time to learn before you could master it and learn all the combos. Because of that Tekken series has earned huge popularity over the years and we have seen six Tekken games on all sorts of platforms such as PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It seems that Namco prefers Sony’s console so it’s no wonder that we got the latest installment of the Tekken series, Tekken 6, for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

What can we expect from Tekken 6 for the PSP? Well, first of all, there are 41 fighters available and you’ll have to agree that’s huge roster. There are many old characters from previous Tekken series in this game such as Kazuya, Lei, Paul, Nina, and Jin but also some new ones. Speaking about new characters there are six of them. New characters include Bob an American big guy that relies on speed, Leo, German martial arts expert, Miguel, a powerful Spanish fighter, Alisa, naive looking girl that is using chainsaw and jetpack, Lars, member of Mishima family and Zafina, member of secret society. Zafina is the most interesting character because she is using weird and unnatural stances so it will really freak you out from time to time. An interesting thing about Tekken 6 is that most of the characters got one or two new attacks and that some powerful combos from previous games have been weakened, but despite that, if you have ever played any Tekken game before you’ll feel familiar with all the old characters and their moves.

Speaking of characters and moves it all works like in previous Tekken games, each limb is assigned to a specific face button on PSP and if you want to make combos you’ll have to press certain button combinations that include face buttons and directional buttons. As mentioned before it’s same as any Tekken game and if you’ve played any Tekken game before you’ll feel familiar right from the start. It will be easy to perform few combo punches but if you want to perform ten or more attacks in a combo you’ll have to work on it. Just like in previous Tekken games you can juggle your opponent while in air and make powerful combos that way, but the most interesting thing is that you can slam your airborne opponent into the ground and do some extra damage that way. Of course, there are additional moves included such as throws, wall juggles, and rolls. An interesting thing is the rage that activates when your health is low. When you’re just one or two hits away from knockout rage activates and your attacks deal more damage so you’re able to fight back but in most cases, you won’t find it useful because one hit will knock you out. As you can see, combat is still as smooth as before and now you can even break walls and floors to unveil new areas.

As for the gaming modes, Tekken 6 has some basic modes to offer. There are Arcade Mode, Ghost Mode, Story Mode and challenge battles. Each mode has been seen in previous games and it’s really nothing special. Only interesting thing is that each thing you do in Tekken 6 will earn you money that you use to customize your character. There are all sorts of accessories and outfit that you can purchase but the choice is way more limited than on PlayStation 3 version. Still, it’s good to see that customization is available on PSP version as well. As for the multiplayer, you’ll be able to enjoy Tekken 6 via wireless or via ad hoc.

Graphics in Tekken 6 is great, although it’s not detailed like on other consoles. Animations are smooth and natural and they look amazing just like in any other Tekken game and that’s all that matters. Besides great graphics, sound provides great quality and with amazing gameplay and with 41 available characters with unique moves Tekken 6 provides one amazing gaming experience that you mustn’t miss.

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