Super Stardust Portable Review

The idea is simple – flying maneuverable boat, it is necessary to simultaneously Dodge and destroy asteroids, bombs, enemies, etc. the Campaign consists of 5 different planets with different types of asteroids and different levels of complexity. Each stage is divided into several so-called “waves”, after which the final fight with the boss.

In cases of emergency, when the foe completely surrounds you and threaten to kiss her straight on the forehead there are two “life jacket”. The first is a bomb, the epicenter of which serve you and which protects the whole area around. The second is the instantaneous acceleration, which, rammed everything in its path to fly on a more or less quiet.

In addition to the campaign and free play mode there is a “Contact”. There aren’t any weapons, but there is an accelerator that continues to operate after the destruction of the enemy. Task – using the accelerator to eliminate as many enemies and asteroids.

The scheme of the game is simple, but addictive it is not a joke. After the campaign, the desire to play does not disappear, on the contrary – there is a goal to beat all your Highscores in free play, as well as records, which are suspended from a table on the Internet. The controls are comfortable and satisfactory, except that fingers are sometimes not enough to instantly change the direction of the fire in the opposite direction. Can’t not mention the excellent visual and audio performance. All the objects were not too lazy to draw a fully three-dimensional, and the riot of colors from special effects of pulling out the eyes. The music is pretty nice, diverse, and most importantly – not raping the brain.

Overall, Super Stardust Portable is one of the best time killers for the PSP. Don’t forget to throw it on the memory card – this game will take you much more time than you expect.

Personal rating: 9/10

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