Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Review

I’m sure that you all know about Star Wars franchise that has been created by George Lucas in 1977. Star Wars series has been quite popular over the years and we’ve seen many great Star Wars movies and video games during the years. There have been numerous Star Wars games on all sorts of consoles and of course, PlayStation Portable is not an exception. As you might know, we have already seen games from Star Wars Battlefront series on the PSP. The first game from Battlefront series on PSP is Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron that has been released in 2007 exclusively for the PSP.  Did well but it didn’t achieve amazing success, so it was just a simple third-person shooter in Star Wars Battlefront universe. After the Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, here comes another game from the Battlefront series but this time for PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. The game is actually a spin-off from Battlefront series and is called Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron so let’s see what it has to offer.

A plot of Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron follows a Jedi clone X2 that helped train Kaminoan clone army for the Jedi. Unlike other clones, X2 has teamed up with the Jedi and the rebels and this is the main reason why his brother X1 is trying to hunt him down, so X1 will have to face him once again after a long time. As you can see, the story is interesting and Campaign mode will provide you enough of battles on all sorts of planets, in space and in spaceships. After a few planets, you’ll realize that there’s a pattern that you follow each and every time and that way game becomes boring after a while. With each planet it’s the same story: you need to capture the ion cannon on the surface and use it to lower the shields on enemy’s ship and then you’ll enter the ship, destroy it from the inside, and go back to the surface to capture the control points. It might sound interesting for the first time but you’ll be doing this throughout the entire game, over and over and you’ll get bored easily with it. Speaking of combat, you’ll earn most of your points by capturing control points on the planet surface and by destroying an enemy’s capital ship and space battles will provide you only some extra points for each spacecraft that you destroy.

As you can see, Campaign mode is here to prepare you for the multiplayer events. Interesting thing is that you can customize the appearance of your character as well as its attributes and gear. Speaking of special attributes there are speed and health bonuses. Each weapon, attribute and a piece of equipment comes with a cost and that way the game keeps all players balanced. Speaking of equipment, your arsenal is decent, and besides all sorts of weapons, there are vehicles available as well. Like we said, multiplayer is the best part of Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron and it offers all sorts of options. This third-person multiplayer shooter will offer all sorts of multiplayer modes such as two versions of Capture The Flag, Heroes And Villains, Conquest and a Galactic Conquest mode. Heroes And Villains mode gives you a chance to play as one character from the Star Wars movie and your goal is to eliminate other characters from opposite team. Interesting thing is that you can turn into random movie character during the multiplayer matches in Conquest mode and have temporarily boosts that way. As for the Galactic Conquest mode it’s the most interesting mode that provides elements of turn-based strategy. At the beginning, you have certain amount credits that you use to buy reinforcements, equipment or abilities. In addition, you can capture neutral planets, attack enemy planets or reinforce your defences. As you can see multiplayer provides some interesting features in which up to 16 players can enjoy via infrastructure.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron suffers from various flaws. The Campaign mode gets boring soon and you’ll probably won’t play it because you’ll do one same thing throughout the entire game. In addition, if there are many objects of the screen your frame rate will drop. This is a surprise since the game doesn’t look beautiful or anything, in fact, it seems bit outdated. Besides that, you don’t have control over the camera and thanks to the complicated controls this game is harder than it should be. Controls are stiff and you’ll have a hard time turning and aiming that way. In order to make things worse, autoaim doesn’t work great and it will give you even more problems.

It seems that only way to enjoy this game is via multiplayer, but multiplayer via infrastructure comes with some decent lag. Therefore, what can we say about Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron? Only bright side of this game is Galactic Conquest mode, but otherwise, this game is boring and laggy and it has almost nothing new and interesting to offer.

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