ModNation Racers Review

When I think about racing games the first game that comes to my mind is Mario Kart. Since Mario Kart is Nintendo exclusive Sony has decided that it needs its own racing exclusive and that way ModNation Racers is born. ModNation Racers is quick and simple arcade racing game that allows you to create and share your creations with other players online and it’s available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

ModNation Racers has achieved a huge success on PlayStation 3 so it’s no wonder that PSP users have been waiting for this game with huge anticipation. So what will ModNation Racers offer to its players? Well, it’s similar to LittleBigPlanet because ModNation allows you to create all sorts of players, cars, and maps. But that’s not the best part, you can also share your creations online with other players. When it comes to creating your own player, also known as Mod, you have several different parts available and if you want to unlock more you’ll have to play the game. Some people have been complaining that there are too few parts available at the beginning comparing to the PS 3 version. Some players will see that as a flaw, while others will see that as a challenge that will keep them playing.

Now let’s focus on the racing sequences for a while. Racing plays the huge part in this game and you’ll have to race a lot in order to win all the missing parts for your creations. Racing is extremely fun but it can turn into frustration for some reason. First of all, for a racing game, ModNation Racers has quite stiff controls so you should really try to stay away from the walls because they will slow you down. In addition, drifting is a part of this game as well but thanks to the stiff controls, it’s really hard to do it and mostly it can lead you to frustration. You perform drifts by pressing X and by moving the analog stick but when you drive you usually end up hitting walls or any other obstacles. Drifting is important in this game because it fills your booster and shield and if you don’t perform drifts you won’t be able to use it. However, there’s another way to fill up your booster meter and that’s by performing tricks in midair. Jumping and tricks are performed with analog stick, they look great and they are a lot easier and safer to perform than drifting. The main problem when it comes to drifting is that AI is so good in this game so there’s no place for mistakes.

There are all sorts of weapons and power-ups that you can use but they won’t help you too much. Computer opponents will exploit every weakness that you have so in order to keep up with them you’ll need your booster, and in order to get booster you’ll have to perform drifts but since drifting isn’t working well you usually end up hitting a wall. I’ll have to admit that this is really frustrating at the times and I don’t see this as a challenge. Sure, races are exciting since AI is that good and it will never be boring but it’s hard since the computer will exploit any weakness that you might have. AI will use all sorts of power-ups to slow you down, such as missiles so you should really watch your back. Again, some players might see this as a challenge but at most of the time it’s really frustrating and it’s the main reason why I stay away from racing games. So in order to avoid frustration, it’s better to play this game with other players online.

As for the creation of tracks, it’s pretty simple and you can change everything, from environment to trees. Most of the racing games have poor track editors that allow you only to create simple tracks but with ModNation Racers, you’ll create tracks will look amazing since you can change every part of your track. You can add hills, trees, water, and you can create any kind of environment for your tracks and share it with other people online. As for the graphics, ModNation Racers is using cartoony graphics that suits the game perfectly.

So what can I say about ModNation Racers? It looks really good and it has all sorts of customizable objects such as tracks, Mods and cars, and ton of parts that you can unlock. Like I mentioned before, there are too few parts available at the beginning and some people might not like that. Also, stiff controls and almost impossible drifting will make you go crazy. To make things worse superb AI will punish every mistake that you make so you’ll have a lot of frustrations with this game. Bottom line is, ModNation Racers is a great game and if you want a challenge, ModNation Racers is the right one for you.

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