Gran Turismo Review

There are many great racing games on the PlayStation Portable and although all of them provide great quality, none of them provides great variety like Gran Turismo. As you know, Gran Turismo is much more than just a simple racing game because it offers something that players have been wanting for a long time. Unlike Need For Speed series, for example, Gran Turismo offers a lot more details when it comes to racing so we can say that Gran Turismo is a racing simulation and not an arcade racer. Besides that Gran Turismo offers a huge variety of cars that you can purchase and this is what makes this game special. As you know first Gran Turismo was released 1997 for PlayStation and so far we have seen several sequels for all sorts of consoles. Now the latest instalment from Gran Turismo has been released for the PlayStation portable so let’s check it out.

As you know, Gran Turismo is famous for its variety or cars and it this instalment you’ll get the wide chose of cars that includes more than 800 vehicles. Interesting thing is that Gran Turismo for PSP offers the biggest variety of cars so far which is definitely a plus. Gran Turismo for PlayStation Portable offers a great variety of cars and we can say the same for the tracks as well. There are 45 different tracks in this game and most of them have a reverse mode, therefore, there’s roughly 70 tracks available in total. As for the cars, there are all sorts of manufacturers available that you’ve seen in previous games and each car is modelled with there are high amount of detail. Besides that each car looks amazing and each car acts realistically on the track. Realism was something that was a trademark of Gran Turismo series and it’s good to see that PSP version sticks to it well.

One thing that is missing from the PSP version is vehicle upgrades. If you played any Gran Turismo game before you surely remember that you could easily upgrade it with turbo kits, sports gearboxes and other accessories. Well, you won’t find any of those in PSP version but you’ll have Quick Tune option that will allow you to change certain attributes of your car. Before each race, you can customize your car a bit and chose whether you’ll use automatic or manual transmission but in addition, you can change your tire type and level of simulation. There are two types of simulation available: standard and professional and each provides you a different realistic experience. I’ll have to mention that only 30 cars can be customized this way so you’ll have to choose carefully.

The thing that most players see a flaw in this game is a complete absence of career mode. There’s no career mode and if you want to earn more money and purchase new cars you’ll have to complete all sorts of challenges. As for the challenges, there are 50 of them available, but besides challenges, you can earn money by performing drifts or by racing in single player mode. Speaking of single player there is Time Trail mode, Drifting mode and standard racing mode. The drifting mode is another way to earn money by performing attractive slides between two flags. All points that you earn in Drift Mode are doubled and turned into money so it’s good way to earn some easy money. Unfortunately, only standard racing mode is available in multiplayer. Speaking of multiplayer there’s no online multiplayer available but you’ll be able to play against four players via ad-hoc. In addition, you can easily exchange your cars with other players via ad-hoc so it’s a good way to get some new cars.

Gran Turismo for PSP is a great game that offers a lot of fun and a realistic racing experience on the PSP. More than 800 beautifully designed cars and more than 40 different tracks will surely keep you interested in this game. Only flaw of this game is the lack of career mode and lack of online multiplayer, but still Gran Turismo is one amazing game for PlayStation Portable and one of the best racing games ever.

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