God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review

Last time I checked, sony entertainment had released their blockbuster hit God of War for the PSP. The game was a big hit, well known for its incredible story-arc and for its finely defined characters. The game was received with aplomb amongst gamers and I, for one really enjoyed the gaming experience. The weapons were awesome, the tricks were brilliantly designed, full of real-time action, there were stunning visual effects and the boss fights were really out of this world. I am very pleased that God of War: Ghost of Sparta has been released. The God of War franchise is huge. The story arcs are very complex and the gameplay is really intriguing. Sony has done really well – it brought out a host of God of War games for its various consoles and saw to it that the games were a big hit. Sony now has released the second edition of this game for the PSP. I am really enthralled to present to you this exclusive game review – Sony’s latest work of genius.

The user reprises the role of Kratos in this edition of the game as well. If you have played the earlier version, you would be familiar with the weapons that he possessed. The player once again gets to wield those weapons. The game features many quick-time events, has boss fights and puzzles just like the last edition and the gameplay is similar. However, there are some really cool weapons added, Kratos can gain additional magic powers and can acquire new navigational abilities – something that was absent in the previous game. The player came to make use of the “Blades of Athena” and the “Arms of Sparta” which forms an essential part of Kratos’s arsenal. Apart from this, as the game progresses, Kratos can gain the “Rage” ability. With this ability, he can set the blades of Athena on fire and his strikes cause greater damage to the enemy. The combat system has seen some tweaks. New moves allow Kratos to pound his enemies, pinning them to the ground. He also has the ability to throw them in the air as well. The new combat system has been upgraded – air-to-air attacks can be made, with rapid, incredible stunt moves and fast-paced attacks. Game dynamics has been improved. A new augmented death system has been introduced. As with the previous game, kratos can make use of magic as well. New abilities include the “Eye of Atlantis”, “Scourge of Erinys”, and the “Horn of Boreas”.

Orbs of health, magic and experience points are scattered throughout the entire map, allowing players to replenish health, magic and gain more experience to unlock new abilities and gameplay modes. A challenge mode allows players to gain more powers by completing challenges presented before them. The five challenges of Ares and the eight challenges of Athena can be unlocked once the user completes certain aspects of the game. Another feature new to this game is the Temple of Zeus – a place where players can visit to sacrifice their experience points to unlock new gameplay modes. A combat arena is also available in the game, where a player could choose an adversary and fight against him. Overall, the gaming experience is incredible, much like its famed predecessor.

The game is set in between the events of the first God of War game (Playstation version) and the second one. The game is, therefore, an interquel and delves deeper into the life of the protagonist, Kratos. The plot is dominated by the events related to the oracle’s prophecy, with Kratos trying to find out more about his own self and his dreaded past. After Kratos ascends to Olympus as the God Of War, he is increasingly plagued by visions of his past, the past in which he was still a mortal. In order to unravel the mysteries behind these visions, he sets off to the Temple of Poseidon in Atlantis. He eventually comes to meet his ailing mother Callisto and finds out that he has a brother, Deimos. He learns that he was captured by Thanatos (the God of Death) when he was a child, and that Deimos has since been tortured at a place called Death’s Domain. The game follows Kratos’s efforts to free Deimos from the clutches of Thanatos. The game ends with the events prior to God of War II, where Kratos would eventually defy the strength of the Gods and obliterate Olympus, thereby completing the Prophecy of the soothsaying oracle. The game is wonderful with powerful characters, amazing gameplay and intriguing puzzles. The NPC’s in the game also add a lot to the story arc and give credibility to the game. The game is surely bound to be as big as its counterparts in the franchise, certainly one to buy and play.

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