Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

As you know, Square Enix has a huge popularity with its games. We have seen several great franchises from this developer but the series that made Square Enix what is today is Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy series is so popular that it has several spin-off series such as Mana and Kingdom Hearts. As for the Final Fantasy franchise, the first game was released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. From 1987 there have been thirteen Final Fantasy games and I’m sure that we’ll see more of them in the future. As for the franchise itself, it gave birth to the JRGP (Japanese role-playing game) genre and gained huge popularity that way. With more than 97 millions of sold copies, Final Fantasy is one of the most successful gaming franchises in the world. Since Final Fantasy series has existed for more than 20 years developers have decided to release something new and special for the 20th anniversary. That way we got Dissidia: Final Fantasy for PlayStation Portable.

I’m not really a fan of JRGPs and Final Fantasy series but I can tell you that this could be one of the best Final Fantasy games ever. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is an action/fighting RGP and it can only be compared to the Super Smash Bros series on Nintendo. Just like in the Super Smash Bros you have several characters from different Final Fantasy games, both villains and heroes and your goal is to fight against each other in new and different way than before. Just imagine, all the greatest villains from Final Fantasy against greatest heroes in a single Final Fantasy game. I’ll have to admit that this sounds promising enough.

So what will Dissidia: Final Fantasy offer us? It’s a fighting game, but not a standard game like we’re used to because it involves a lot of RPG elements. As for the story, story is about world of Dissidia and the war between gods. There has been a war against Goddess of Harmony called Cosmos and God of Discord called Chaos. Both Cosmos and Chaos have called their heroes to help them in the battle so this means that you’ll be seeing all your favorite characters from Final Fantasy series. As you can see, story might not be deep and interesting like in other Final Fantasy games like we’re used to but it’s good enough for me. And as for the characters, there are 22 available which means that there are 11 for each side and some of them include Terra, Cloud, Squall and Tidus as heroes and Kefka, Sephiroth, Ultimecia and Jecht as villains. Each of 22 characters has unique abilities and flaws and it’s up to you to discover them all.

As for the gameplay and combat, it’s different from standard fighting games such as Mortal Kombat or Tekken, and it resembles to the combat system that Kingdom Hearts is using. Don’t think that combat in Dissidia: Final Fantasy uninteresting or boring and it’s more complex than you think because it involves a lot of dodging, blocking and counterattacks. Interesting thing is that combat is in third person and that it looks amazingly attractive. Combat looks more attractive than in other fighting game because camera constantly moves from side to side. In addition, arenas are huge in this game and you can even grind certain rails and bounce off the walls so the combat will look like an interesting battle from the anime movies. It’s flashy it’s, it’s attractive and it’s amazing.

When you’re fighting against your opponent you have to look at your HP (Hit Points) and Bravery points. Each character has a certain amount of Bravery point and by performing a Bravery attack with the Circle button you steal enemy’s Bravery point. The less Bravery points your enemy has the more damage you can do to him. In addition, there’s a EX meter in this game that fills as you perform attacks and collect various orbs on the map that are called EX Force. When your EX meter is filled you can perform a devastating combo that will seriously damage your opponent. These combos look extremely beautiful and they usually require that you tap a certain button in order to perform a deadly attack. One amazing combo like this can easily end the battle so use it carefully. An interesting thing about Dissidia: Final Fantasy is the RPG element that allows you to level up your character and gain new abilities, weapons and stats. Each weapon is just used for statistic so you won’t see any new and different weapons in your hands but you’ll be able to unlock many new moves for your character.

As for the campaign, it will allow you to play as ten good characters so this means that you’ll play one storyline just through ten different perspectives. It’s not that interesting and it’s repetitive in a way. There’s additional campaign available called Shade Impulse that allows you to choose your character and provides a new and refreshing experience that way. Besides campaign, there’s a lot more stuff in this game but that’s up to fans to discover it. Multiplayer in this game is available only via Ad-hoc and it will provide interesting experience for you and your friends.

There are only two flaws in this game: repetitive story mode that can easily bore you and a camera that jumps from side to side. Camera is not a big problem when you’re fighting outdoors, but if you’re fighting indoors it can be a nightmare because it can position itself behind the wall and you won’t be able to see a thing that way. Besides that, game provides great graphics and amazing combat that is more dynamic and interesting than in any other fighting game. In addition, many ways to level up and upgrade your character will keep the game interesting and fresh for a long time, therefore Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a Final Fantasy game that you mustn’t miss.

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